Eric Kugelman has been an active member in the leather community for many years. He was Mr. Mephisto’s Leather 2001 and competed in International Mr. Leather 23. Through his years, Mr. Kugelman was actively involved with the committee to bring the Gay Games to Chicago, as the first vice co-chair of the bidding organization and president of Team Chicago. Eric was also president of MAFIA and on the boards of several gay, lesbian and community organizations. Eric holds a strong passion for giving back to the community and currently supports many organizations such as the Leather Archives and Museum, Gerber Hart Library, The Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, CLAW, Vital Bridges and The Center on Halsted. Eric contributes to many contests and fund raising events to show continued support for the leather community. Mr. Kugelman was the co-owner of The Ashland Arms, a Fetish/Leather themed bed and breakfast that closed after a long run in 2015. Eric currently co-owns LEATHER64TEN and loves to share his passion for leather and community with all those who come in! Eric is supported in his endeavors by his husband Michael.



Michael is Co-Owner of LEATHER64TEN with his husband, Eric Kugelman.

Owner/Interior Designer at Michael Syrjanen Design.



Todd is proud to be part of the LEATHER64TEN team as both CO-Producer and Contest Coordinator. Giving his time back to the leather community has always been a rewarding passion for him. After coming out in 2005 and then taking the title of Cellblock Leatherman 2006, he made the top 20 at IML and also was named “Mama’s Raffle Man” during the Folsom Street/Mr. San Francisco Leather weekend in 2006 by Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt. As a long-time Chicago resident, Todd has been a member of the Leather Archive & Museum Road Show Committee, the former Secretary of the Chicago Leather Kennel Club and the Vice President of a local community organization. As a person who loves to network and travel, Todd has been fortunate to have attended over 100 events, in over 20 cities, serving many times as a Judge, Emcee, Den Daddy, Speaker, Seminar Lead, Tally Master, Contestant Trainer, Volunteer and Participant. Some of the Fund Raising he has done includes charities such as IML, CLAW, Chicago Leather Kennel Club, Windy City Boys Troop, Vital Bridges, TPAN, ONYX, Hellfire, Mr. Midwest Leather and many others. With the insane political climate of today, he also feels the need to be knowledgeable of political facts. The rights of not only the LGBTQ community are at stake, but the rights of people with lower income, women and minorities are as well.



Nick has been active in the Leather and Fetish Community for over 15 years with IML, MIR, Mr. Chicago Leather, American Brotherhood Weekend, and other events in the LGBT Community. For the past 5 years, Nick has been the Technical Director for American Brotherhood Weekend, which Nick will tell you re-energized his involvement in the Leather and Fetish community. It was during these years that he was reminded how we are more than a community, that the relationships and friends you meet at these events grow to become your family. In 2016, Nick received the Jeff Baxter Service Award.

In his professional life, Nick is a Director of Operations for a production company. In addition to his production work in the community, Nick has worked for a number of lighting companies, nightclubs, and has worked as a Union Stagehand. He studied Lighting Design and Technology at Purdue University. 

Nick is honored to be a part of the MR.LEATHER64TEN contest and to work with his family at LEATHER64TEN and The Jackhammer Complex.

“Those who look at the glass as half full or half empty have missed the point. The glass is refillable.”



Michael is the winner of MR.LEATHER64TEN 2015, a scholarship recipient from the LGBT Equality Institute, and a founding member of BLUF Chicago (Member #464). He is a volunteer for the Leather Archives & Museum; The Lakeview Food Pantry; The Windy City Empire and The Night Ministry. An active singer/actor, his performance efforts have helped raise thousands of dollars for Season of Concern.

His fetishes are Boots, Breeches, Gloves, Uniforms (Especially Motorcycle Police) and Cosplay.

His interests include Cooking (especially Cajun and Creole), gardening, Jazz Music, Acting, Singing and Horror Films.



Bob is the President, Executive Director and co-founder of CLAW Corp, a non-profit 501 c3 charity dedicated to education, fundraising, volunteerism and other charitable needs of the adult leather community.   CLAW produces a large annual conference every April in Cleveland, Ohio and helps dozens of other organizations and events every year with sponsorship, publicity, and other support.

2000 leather men (and about 40 women) attended CLAW in 2016, which featured more than 150 events in four days, run by 800 volunteers.   CLAW 16 raised a record $70,000 for community charities.  Since it began, CLAW has donated over $700,000 to community charities:  $440,000 from the annual event and $260,000 from helping more than 250 other events around the country.   CLAW 17 is April 27-30, 2017 at the Westin Cleveland Downtown.

Bob also founded and continues to lead the Leather Hall of Fame (LHOF), a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing lasting contributions to the leather community and to provide a historical and educational reference for the community.   The LHOF Board selects three people or organizations for induction each year.  Short bios for each are researched and published, and an induction ceremony is held on Sunday afternoon at CLAW.

In 2016, Bob won the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Leather Leadership Award for his years of service to the community.

Beginning in 1980 at age 20, Bob was active in the leather bars of Minneapolis (1980-1983), San Francisco (1983-84), New York (1984-1995) and Chicago (1995-2003).  He is an Associate of the Chicago Hellfire Club (1998 – present) and has attended several Infernos, including three years on the Set-up Committee.  In 2014, Bob joined the Board of the Leather Archives & Museum where he serves on the Development and Nominating Committees.

Bob was a commercial litigator and a civil rights lawyer.  As a cooperating attorney with Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Bob won victories in two gay and HIV rights litigations in the 1990’s.  Bob has also worked as a waiter and was the Shop Steward in New York, NY.   Bob has done substantial grass roots political organizing and is former County Democratic Party Chair in Michigan.  He lives in Michigan and in Palm Springs, California with his husband Jim Vopat and their dog Ollie.



James is Mr. Leather64TEN 2016, 39 years old, and a gay Transman.  He is a member of the Titan’s of the Midwest, The Leather Archives Museum.  He is an avid volunteer, helping raise over $10,000 for non-profit organizations over the last 3 years.  James competed in Barlesque 8 (A TPAN Fundraiser) in 2016, an Online Strip-a-thon competing for Chicago’s sexiest bartender.  James also has organized an annual fundraiser for the animal shelter of his choice held at the Hole at Jackhammer for the last 2 years.  He partnered up with the Chicago Puppy Patrol for sponsorship of the fundraisers that has brought much needed funds, food, toys, and cleaning items for the no-kill shelters! James has also been a big part of the Transmale education in the Midwest.  He has  taught many classes bringing visibility to the Transmale community!  James will be an Educator this year at CLAW teaching Sexing the Gay Transman!  James is also the founder of The Fetish Class bringing a safe space for all people to go and learn from experts in a wide variety of kink and fetishes!  James has recently relocated to Fort Lauderdale, FL after living his whole life in the Chicago area.  He plans on continuing educating the community through his new website www.gaytransmen.com and being a big part of the Leather and Kink community in Fort Lauderdale!



Todd Leavitt is Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016 and lives with his immediate leather family — Master Dan Ronneberg, Sir David “Tigger” Bailey, and husband, Randy Gooch–on a secluded 15-acre ranch in Brockway, PA.  Wagner, the grumpy English bulldog, and Fred, the feisty Chihuahua, round out the family.

Todd has been an active member of the leather scene for over 25 years, having served as a DC Sigma board member (a kink education organization) and as the current co-chair of Mr. Friendly’s DC chapter.  He has championed the polyamorous lifestyle within the leather community, specifically in the context of power-exchange relationships.

Besides spending time with his family, Todd enjoys full range of BDSM play, bodybuilding, Netflix binges, somber superheroes, and Pathfinder role playing game.

Todd views behavior as more important than words in the leather community.  Respect, integrity, self-improvement and generosity being key traits to being a genuine leather man.



Brian represented the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky as Mr. Tristate Leather 2014 and makes his home in Cincinnati. He placed second runner up at IML in 2015 and used the platform to spread the message that the things that make us different are the things that make us special, and that we all have the power to make a positive change in the world around us, if we choose to. He is At Large East for Titans of the Midwest, a founding member of the CNKY Ruff Pups and the Cincinnati Sisters, and a member of Mr. Friendly. He is a bondage switch, alpha pup, giant comic book nerd, and aggressive hugger.


SHADI “Sir Snuggleupagus” BEIDAS 

Sir Snuggleupagus has held an interest in leather for the bulk of his adult life. He is currently serving as the 2016 Illinois Leather Sir, and placed first runner-up in the 2016 GLLA Leather Sir contest.

He is a goofball of sorts, IT professional, and a major Trekkie, enjoys challenging the conventional, and believes that there is no such demarcation as a final frontier. Establishing OUT! Bowling has been one of his proudest achievements, and you can find him kicking his heels up with the Chi-Town Squares

He takes great pleasure in incorporating leather ambassadorship into his daily routine, and believes that the more that the broader community observes kinksters in public, talking with them, and identifying with common interests, the more likely it is that we will be accepted as just another flavor of America.

And yes, he will gladly turn you into his Muppet.



Adam has been involved in the Leather community for more than 10 years, starting seriously when he went to IML the first time his freshman year of college.  He is an auxiliary member of the Blue Max Cycle Club of St Louis, with whom he has done volunteer work for various community charities, as well as, volunteering with the Kansas City and Midwest Leather Sir/Boy contests.  Adam has also volunteered his time for IML, Folsom Street Fair (including a fun night working Magnitude), MAL, and enjoys giving his time to helping with the Night Ministry when he has the opportunity.

Adam’s professional life includes his current position as Merchandising and Special Events Manager for a great company here in Chicago.  He has also worked in various positions in higher education, including working as a residence hall director and teaching English as a TA.  And of course, the occasional weekend selling leather for one vendor or another at IML and MAL.

In his free time, Adam enjoys reading, writing, watching anything sci-fi or fantasy, working out, cooking, and traveling (especially visiting interesting art museums). And of course visiting one of his favorite local museums, the LA&M.



Esteban Cervantes is fairly new to the Leather and Kink Community. He is a Fully Professed Sister of Perpetual Indulgence known as Sister Kay Nyne or Guard Woof Gang Pup and a member of CPP (Chicago Puppy Patrol) known by his pup name, Pup XOLOX (Zo-Los). He is also an active volunteer at MIR, IML, going on over to Iowa to assist at their events, ILW or QCL, as Pup or Sister. He proudly served in the US Navy traveling the seas and land and returning here, his home, Chicago. Whether it’s selling Jell-O shots, running about to new people and showing them around, taking people home after a fun night at the bars, or doing his shopping at LEATHER64TEN, he is a humble Pup. He hopes to continue his growth in the Community. Keep an eye out for him; he isn’t hard to miss in his signature Neon Green gear.



Dan Atwell is a familiar face in the Chicago Leather Community. He first volunteered at IML in 1996 which led to a 10-year stint as a full-time bartender at the legendary Chicago Eagle. He is honored that some of the most well-respected members of the leather/fetish world are among his closest friends. He currently tends bar in The Hole at the Jackhammer Complex as well as working at LEATHER64TEN. When he is not running around in leather/gear at his “day” jobs, he works at a career in music. Dan was a Den Daddy for last year’s MR.LEATHER64TEN Contest and is excited to be returning in the same capacity this year.



Dave, Dave Charles, Papa, Daddy Dave; all names I will respond to without repercussions. Having said that, I am a Big Teddy Bear at heart. Whether you know me as straight ally, gay bear, leather daddy, Bi-advocate, father, or spouse, I believe my place in the Leather / Kink community is to be an open ear as many were to me when I first walked into the Chicago Eagle. I have over the years, been involved with charities serving the under-represented and our big kinky community; Road Otters, IML, Mr. Friendly, Habitat for Humanity, Titans of the Midwest, Gay for Good, Ride for Aids. My current passion is as a board member of the Road Otters, a new charity to aid those in need. Deeply devoted to my wife Molly of 31 years, 3 daughters and Family; both given and chosen, they are my bedrock. An avid back country camper and canoeist, (If interested in the BWCAW let me know and we will plan a trip into god’s country). Can’t live without my piano, wish I was more talented, but I am able to amuse myself. Say Hi. Live. Life. Loud.



We here at LEATHER64TEN are pleased to welcome back Teri Yaki, a local celebrity we consider family, to the MR.LEATHER64TEN Contest for a second year. She will not only be performing but will be our Emcee and Hostess with the Mostest. She has been a staple of the Chicago scene for over 10 years now. She hosts Babes In Boyland at The Jackhammer Complex every Thursday at 12:30.  Her crazy character has hosted a variety of different fun-filled events ranging from lube wrestling to co-hosting The Night of 100 Drag Queens!  To see her sitting in a garbage can outside of the club she has worked at for the night happily announcing “Thanks for coming to my party!” would be no surprise to anyone.  Her rip-roaring antics, outrageous outfits, and her tendency to make anyone around her laugh have helped her worm her way into the hearts of the Chicago LGBTQ+ community and anyone who will give her the time of day.  These days you can catch her hosting “Team Trivia” at various community bars during the week.  You’ll have a “gay ol’ time” each and every time you hang out with this amazing talent.  She has also emceed Mr. International Rubber for the last two years.



Steve is the Official DJ of MR.LEATHER64TEN. He has been a nationally recognized nightclub DJ for well over 20 years. He continues to produce huge events as one of the organizers of CLAW weekend, and produced IML Black and Blue Ball in 2015. He continues as the Head Resident DJ OF Washington, DC’s largest club, Ziegfeld’s/Secrets Entertainment Complex, and is a resident DJ at The Jackhammer Complex.



Bradley Tobias is a newer addition to the staff at LEATHER64TEN. He comes to us with an extensive background in retail and customer service. Bradley is very excited to be a part of the MR.LEATHER64TEN contest. He has been a volunteer for IML in the past and worked at the Chicago Eagle (many moons ago). Bradley has a strong interest in the Leather /Fetish community and is a new member at the Leather Archives and Museum. He is looking forward to becoming a more active member in the community.



Mark is fairly new to the LEATHER64TEN family. He is the store website and online sales manager and enjoys aiding the store in window displays and merchandising. He has been working on updating our site by designing and building our backdrop and copper pipe sculptures based on the Idle Hands 3 Tryptic – ArtbyAxel, as seen on the walls of The Jackhammer Complex and LEATHER64TEN, and used for our store window displays, offsite vending, and photo shoots updating our website look and advertising. He’s looking forward to integrating his designs into the MR.LEATHER64TEN contest stage construction. He has redesigned the contest website over on the store’s main web page and is looking forward to helping out during the contest weekend.

He is a Costume Designer for well-known area bellydancers, burlesque performers, and drag queens and is looking forward to the opportunity to get his designs in the store and help expand our women’s section and fabric-based offerings.

He is also a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer, known as Marquis “The Bellydancing Bear”and can be seen every weekend on the stage at Alhambra Palace Restaurant in downtown Chicago, as well as Renaissance Faires around the country.



Sparkie is honored to be Bootblacking at the MR.LEATHER64TEN 2017 Contest Weekend. He grew up in Vermont, where he became very familiar with the LGBT and Leather Communities and about giving back by volunteering. He has lived in the Montpelier, VT area, San Francisco, St. Louis and Chicago (to name a few). He has learned about, and been immersed in, the Leather and Bootblack Communities in each of those places. This allowed him to hone his craft, drawing on inspiration from a variety of mentors with different backgrounds. He still enjoys giving back by bootblacking and doing volunteer work, both in and out of the Leather Community. Sparkie has a passion for teaching and sharing the skills he learned from his mentors with up-and-coming bootblacks. His newest student is his girl, becky. He is a full member of the Titans of the Midwest (current Wisconsin State Delegate) and Wisconsin Band of Brothers, has held 2 titles; Central Plains Leather Boy 2009 and IL Community Bootblack 2015. He is also a part of Mama’s Family where he is known as Mama’s Double Scoop and Mama’s Leatherpup. Along with Blackjack, Sparkie co-produces the Bootblack Roundup, which held it’s highly successful inaugural event in February 2016 in Chicago, Illinois . And the 2017 Bootblack Round Up which will be held August 11-13th in St Louis, Missouri @ JJ’s Clubhouse and Bar. Sparkie lives in the Milwaukee area with his submissive/wife/baby bootblack, becky, and is proud to be her Daddy. 0. When he’s not being kinky or working, he enjoys educating becky on all of the movies she has failed to see, which is pretty much all of them.

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