Eric Kugelman has been a proud  and very active member of the leather community for many years, and often shows his pride by wearing his IML medal. He was Mr. Mephisto Leather in 2001, and competed in International Mr. Leather 23.  Eric was a member of the committee to bring the Gay Games to Chicago, serving as the first vice co-chair of the bidding organization, and was president of Team Chicago. He was also president of MAFIA, and has served on the boards of several LGBT and community organizations. Mr. Kugelman was the co-owner of The Ashland Arms, a Fetish/Leather themed bed and breakfast, that closed after a long  run in 2015.
Eric holds a strong passion for giving back to the community and currently supports many organizations, including  the Leather Archives and Museum, Gerber Hart Library, The Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, CLAW, Vital Bridges, and The Center on Halsted.  Eric also contributes to many contests and fundraising events  that support the leather community throughout the Midwest. This year he is looking forward to biking his second TPAN Ride for Life (formerly Chicago AIDS Ride), following a very successful debut  last year that raised $2500 with the event.   He has been an active member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance, and served on their steering committee for Vision Clark Street.  In 2018, the RPBA honored Leather64TEN with it’s Volunteer Business of the Year award.
Eric currently serves on the board of Unity Chicago, a church of light, love, and laughter. He currently co-owns LEATHER64TEN, and loves to share his passion for leather and community with all those who come in!
Eric is supported in his endeavors by his husband Michael.



Michael is Co-Owner of LEATHER64TEN with his husband, Eric Kugelman.

Owner/Interior Designer at Michael Syrjanen Design.

He is an active member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance including their steering committee for Vision Clark Street.

He enjoys sharing the fruit of his culinary talents with friends and family including the LEATHER64TEN staff, our annual Christmas & New Year’s Customer Appreciation Parties, Dirty Boys & Danishes brunch & Judges Dinner during our annual MR.LEATHER64TEN Contest weekend, our annual Labor Day Weenie Roast to celebrate the store anniversary, and representing LEATHER64TEN at the Trident Windy City Chili Cook-Off Charity Benefit where he has won us Fan Favorite for 2016 and 2017.


Todd Davidson


Todd is proud to be part of the LEATHER64TEN team as CO-Producer, Contest Coordinator, and Emcee. Giving his time back to the leather community has always been a rewarding passion for him. After coming out in 2005 and then taking the title of Cellblock Leatherman 2006, he made the top 20 at IML and also was named “Mama’s Raffle Man” during the Folsom Street/Mr. San Francisco Leather weekend in 2006 by Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt. As a long-time Chicago resident, Todd has been a member of the Leather Archive & Museum Road Show Committee, the former Secretary of the Chicago Leather Kennel Club and the Vice President of a local community organization. As a person who loves to network and travel, Todd has been fortunate to have attended over 100 events, in over 20 cities, serving many times as a Judge, Emcee, Den Daddy, Speaker, Seminar Lead, Tally Master, Contestant Trainer, Volunteer and Participant. Some of the Fund Raising he has done includes charities such as IML, CLAW, Chicago Leather Kennel Club, Windy City Boys Troop, Vital Bridges, TPAN, ONYX, Hellfire, Mr. Midwest Leather and many others. With the insane political climate of today, he also feels the need to be knowledgeable of political facts. The rights of not only the LGBTQ community are at stake, but the rights of people with lower income, women and minorities are as well.



Jorge has been the general manager of LEATHER64TEN since 2014. He has an accounting degree from Robert Morris University. Jorge brought his vast knowledge of retail sales and merchandising from his experiences at Banana Republic and The Container Store to help polish and refine our high end, boutique store-feel we pride ourselves in here at LEATHER64TEN. He has been an active member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance and Vision Clark Street. He is looking forward to biking his third TPAN Ride for Life (formerly Chicago AIDS Ride). Each year, Jorge has become more involved with the MR.LEATHER64TEN Contest, and although he was more recently given this title, he’s been behind the scenes helping all along


Michael Pacas


Michael Pacas, MR.LEATHER64TEN 2015, currently lives in Palm Springs with Tim, his husband of 25 years. While in Chicago, he was a volunteer for the Leather Archives & Museum, The Lakeview Food Pantry, The Windy City Empire, and The Night Ministry. An active singer/actor, his performance efforts have helped raise thousands of dollars for Season of Concern. His fetishes are Boots, Breeches, Gloves, Uniforms (Especially Motorcycle Police), and Cosplay. His interests include Cooking (especially Cajun and Creole), Gardening, Jazz Music, Acting, Singing, and Horror Films.



Nick has been active in the Leather and Fetish Community for over 15 years with IML, MIR, Mr. Chicago Leather, American Brotherhood Weekend, and other events in the LGBT Community. Nick serves as Technical director for both ABW, and in 2016 Nick received the Jeff Baxter Service Award.
When asked about his work in the community, he responded: “Serving these wonderful organizations has been an honor and a blessing. Staying active in the community reminds me that there is more to this than the kinky sex – these people are my family, my tribe – and I will hold them close to my heart for a lifetime.”
 “Those who look at the glass as half full or half empty have missed the point. The glass is refillable.”


Gary Wasdin Contest Judge MR.LEATHER64TEN CONTEST 2020


Gary Wasdin is the Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago, and if you have any latent librarian fantasies about overdue books and creative ways to pay your fines, he’s your guy. Gary is a Bi Dom Leather Daddy Bear (BDLDB) who flags red, yellow, tan and hunter green on the left. In his free time Gary enjoys travel, food, and awkward silence. Gary is a passionate advocate for body positivity and sexiness in all shapes and sizes. He lives in Chicago with his boy Jon, and you can find him in various places online as chicagocigardad.



Jimmy Keup, long time proprietor and godfather to all lost souls at Jackhammer, is proud to be a member of the MR.LEATHER64TEN 2020 judging panel. Always ready to welcome you with a resounding “Fuck Yea!”, Jimmy has been a fixture in the leather/fetish community for over 20 years. Creating a space for social acceptance and body positivity, Jimmy has been running Jackhammer and The Hole as a haven for those who want to explore their kinkier side in a safe environment.

Working with various groups and charities, he has helped Jackhammer and The Hole raise almost $100 thousand dollars for various charities.



amendah is a 24/7 slave, with a heart for service and a strong bad-ass will. she identifies as Leather, Goldilocks, bisexual, polyamorous, and a masochist. A member of the kink and Leather communities since 2010, slave amendah has been deemed a “sadistic asshole” due to her strict prep of potential titleholders, with a goal for them to examine who THEY truly are, what they want, and what is important to them. Her experience in the Leather and kink communities has helped prep contestants for contests including IL Bear, Great Lakes Pup and Trainer, IML, WORLD BEAR, and IPOL.

She holds the title of GLLA Miss Ohio Leather 2019, and held the titles of Great Lakes slave 2015, and Illinois slave 2014/2015. By day, slave amendah works as a paralegal at a personal injury law firm and can be found buried beneath piles of papers and coffee cups, requesting medical records and juggling multiple cases at once. In her social life, she enjoys reading, having a deep and (sometimes) taboo conversation over coffee, and travel. She is a member of the House of Raven; as well as slave, sister, friend, and partner to her Sir, Boss, and Alpha. slave amendah is also a momma to her two year old tiny house demon, Ari!

When asked what quote gives her strength, she said: “FEAR means ‘Forget Everything And Run,’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise;’ You choose your destiny.”


Slade Travis Contest Judge MR.LEATHER64TEN CONTEST 2020


Slade was born in Canton, Mississippi but moved to Chicago in 2007.  An avid rope guy, he was trained at The Gate in Tokyo and has honed his skill along with adding pressure point play, knockout play, flogging and many others over his 10+ years in the community. He is a former Mr. Fetish Jackhammer 2016 and 1/3 of the current Illinois Power Exchange shared with his partners Tj Howard and Boy Aries. Slade works as the Party and Bar coordinate for CLAW. He has served as emcee for numerous contests and events, was the President of the Windy City Bondage Club (WCBC), Teacher for Titans of the Midwest, as well for CLAW. He helps as the Leather Advisor to the Windy City Imperial Court, and host fundraiser for local charities including POZ pets, PAWS, and Felines & Canines.

He enjoys teaching and has presented all over the US in classrooms, demo, online instruction, and one on one.  He is the BOSS to a large group of boys, pups, daddies, cubs, & bears, so overall, he’s a slut.

Slade believes that in exploring the darker side of kink that you can truly find yourself and push the limits to new possibilities that the kink world has to offer.




John William is a Nebraska-born leather country boy, currently living in Omaha.  His first experience with leather was a visit to the Omaha Mining Company, after being invited there by a sexy leather daddy on Scruff, and it’s been a ride of curiosity, exploration and growth ever since. John joined the Titans of The Midwest as a full member in February of 2015, and since then has been to several contests/events including: Iowa Leather, Missouri Leather, Twin Cities Leather, IML, CLAW and more. In April of 2016, John took over as Titans of the Midwest at Large South Region, covering the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma with KinkU workshops and new memberships. In January 2017 , John became the new At Large West Region Officer, covering the states of Nebraska and Iowa. In May 2017, John took back the South region for Titans. Also a member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Ginger Leather boy and a part of Nebraska Team Friendly. He volunteers with Titans, Olympic Swim Trials, and CLAW, as well as many other events. He loves super heroes, video games, astronomy, hanging out with friends, art, dancing, singing, Husker sports, biting, nipple play, flogging, bondage, paddling, boot-licking, sounding, electro play, a bit of CBT, rimming, and double penetration (just to name a few).

He is the current Mr. Leather64TEN . He is the fifth one to join the ranks of a fun, great title experience. He was able to raise funds for Nebraska flood victims and North Star Regional Rodeo to name a few. He is the youngest so far to receive the title, and only the second out of state candidate to win it. What an experience and honor to have! John loves visiting different communities throughout the Midwest and enjoys making new friends the most. He is exploring new horizons and hopes to continue helping those in need!


April: CLAW – Cleveland
May: IML41-Chicago
June: Chicago Pride – Chicago
July: Show Me Leather Pride – Kansas City
August: Minnesota Leather Pride -Minneapolis and Nebraska Leather – Omaha
October: Iowa Leather- Des Moines and Palm Springs Leather Pride – Palm Springs
November: Mister International Rubber- Chicago ( Tallymaster)
January: Mister Chicago Leather – Chicago
February: Amici Leather – Las Vegas (judge)
March: Sash Bash – Iowa City and Leather64TEN- Chicago (judge)



Daddy Sky Cotton is proud to have been American Leather Woman 2018, Great Lakes Ms. Leather Pride 2017, and Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2017. She’s a Chicago based Leather Dyke, whose personal lust for Kink, Fetish, and Leather Lifestyle spans more than 29 years.

In 2005 Daddy Sky created Vespertine Chicago because she was dissatisfied with extremely limited play and BDSM Arts education options geared specifically towards Women, Gender Non Conforming persons, Enby persons, and Transfolk. She has dedicated herself to a core mission of fostering Kink and Fetish in everyone she meets. Daddy Sky strives to steward the next generation of healthy, Sex Positive People by creating a safe space in which Queer Folx are centered, so they may play, learn and grow. A portion of each event’s proceeds are donated to local charities.

Daddy Sky has spent the last 16 years working in Kink, Leather, and Pleasure at Mephisto Leather, Leather64TEN and Tulip Toy Gallery. She is proud to be serving the Leather and Kink Communities at a grassroots level again at Leather64TEN.

Daddy Sky is a Supporting Member of the Leather Archives and Museum, and volunteers at International Mr. Leather Weekend. She has served as a Judge, Tally Monster, Den Daddy, and Event Host. The Sky truly is the limit with this Daddy.



Boy Aries is a native Chicagoan who has been in the Kink/BDSM community since 2016. He is boy/pup to his Sir Tj Howard. Some of Aries kinks are Daddy\Boy, Extreme bondage, Leather, Toys, Watersports, Impact play, Knockout play, Knife play, Blood play, Sensory deprivation and overload, Breathplay, Choking, and much more!

Aries has created his community platform around abuse awareness with a focus on abuse in same sex relationships, and those disguised as BDSM. He continues to work diligently, promoting education and conversations on the topic where ever he can. He is currently serving as the first ever Illinois Power Exchange title holder along with Slade Travis and Tj Howard


Alfredo Jimenez Mr.LEATHER64TEN Contest 2020


Alfredo Jimenez has been living in Chicago since 2012. He’s just completed a Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma from the Soma Institute, and will be open for business as a licensed massage therapist this summer! He’s thrilled to join the LEATHER64TEN team for the first time as Judge’s Boy. Most importantly, he is excited to be a part of the leather community and meet lots of people along the way.



As Master of several crafts including a teacher, Massage Therapist, Life Coach and a Professional Dom for the last 9 years, Master Wayne has been in the BDSM Leather Kink world here in Chicago now for 25 plus years after moving from Detroit. His first leather experience was at The Detroit Eagle at 25 and he has never looked back. Once in Chicago, he ventured to International Mr. Leather on Memorial Day Weekend in 1995 and has attended every event since. He competed in his first contest in 1997 at The Cell Block in Chicago and used that as a learning experience to win the Title the following year in 1998 to go on to IML’ s 20th Anniversary contest. Since then, he has worked as a contestant handler and stage crew for the last 20 years and much prefers what goes on behind the scenes then on the stage itself.
With his ever expanding interest in BDSM and his Kink/Shadow side, Master Wayne has taken his learning experiences in the community to create his Pro Dom business. He has owned and operated his own Dungeon/B&B in the western suburbs for 4 years. He now works with Chicago Dungeon Rentals in the city and has created a successful business with a world wide clientele. He has also traveled across the country and set up his portable Dungeon to meet clients needs in their home cities. “Have Dungeon will Travel”  He enjoys the challenge of bringing his  ‘MacGyver’ skills to a session when it comes to creating toys and equipment needed for any situation and request! His memoirs will make for an interesting read!
The Movie “50 Shades of Gray” brought the BDSM world to the forefront and helped bring out a part of human nature that society and cultures like to repress as a part of human sexuality. The Shadow side. However, they did not provide a well versed rule book on how to play in those worlds for the general public. That created another TV series called “Sex Sent me to the ER”.
With a background in the field of massage and his interest in the BDSM world, he has been lead to a blending of the two. Now he is teaching individuals and couples the art of seduction and touch while combining it with a twist of Bondage and SAFE ways to not send you or your partner to the ER.  Other teachings include how to play the roles of Dominant and or Submissive, Massagee or Massager. It takes two to Tango and knowing how to lead or follow in the playroom makes for a well rounded experience for all involved.
Master Wayne is looking forward to working with Leather64TEN again after helping create the business 20 years ago out of owners Micheal and Eric’s living room, bringing his skills and knowledge to address the ever growing needs of the business. Look how we have grown!


Dave Charles


Dave, Dave Charles, Papa, Daddy Dave; all names I will respond to without repercussions.  I am a Big Teddy Bear at heart. Whether you know me as straight ally, gay bear, leather daddy, Bi, father, or spouse, I believe my place in the Leather / Kink community is to be an open ear as many were to me when I first walked into the Chicago Eagle. I have over the years, been involved with charities serving the under-represented and our big kinky community; Road Otters, IML, Mr. Friendly, Habitat for Humanity, Titans of the Midwest, Gay for Good, Ride for Aids. My current passion is as a board member of the Road Otters, a new charity to aid those in need. Deeply devoted to my wife Molly of 30 plus years, 3 daughters and Family; both given and chosen, they are my bedrock.  I am looking forward to returning this year as Den Daddy for the MR.LEATHER64TEN Contest and meeting our next generation of leaders.

Say Hi. Live. Life. Loud.



De’Andre is a new Kinkster to the Leather and Fetish Community, for about a year now. Working next door at Leather64TEN as a Night Sale Team Member/Outside Sale Trainee has taught him much and left a desire to learn more. It goes without saying, discovering and interacting with the community has been a fun adventure. But has also brought realization that there is more to all of this than kinky sex.

Thank you to all of my Leather family that have helped me grow.



Derek James


Owner at Derek James Media and bartender at The Jackhammer Complex



Mia Moore Westbrooke is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and has lived in Chicago for three years now. Mia began her female impersonation career in 2017 right here at Jackhammer! She aspires to achieve status of Miss MBU, Comedy Queen, Continental, and one day have her own band. Mia is a queen for the people and loves to celebrate what makes us all different and beautiful.



Leatherman Shannon O’Feral comes to us from Rockford, Illinois. He is a professional musician and director of Rockford Operetta Party. O’Feral also works part time as a gay porn performer, and was nominated for a Ravens Eden award in 2015 for “Best Cam Performer”, and in 2019 for “Best Newcummer”. O’Feral identifies as a leather punk – you might recognize his flaming red mohawk or fire sleeve tattoo. O’Feral’s kinks include fisting (top), watersports (vers), flogging, gunge, and rubber play. He has taught a number of Kink U classes at fetish events, and is open to exploring less common kinks and interests. O’Feral competed in the Leather 64Ten contest of 2017 and took 3rd place, and was also the first recipient of the Brotherhood Award from the Leather 64Ten contest. Among his service credits are the TPAN Ride for AIDS (2017), Rockford Stroll on State, Rockford Mission Mart, selling wristbands for IML and other work for the LA&M since 2016. O’Feral is the widow of the late lamented Mark Bedker of Deforest, Wisconsin. When not living the kink lifestyle, O’Feral enjoys bodybuilding and yoga, cooking, travel, collecting old books and magazines, and making music for his church.


Mark Selner


Mark is the Operations Manager for LEATHER64TEN and enjoys aiding the store in window displays, purchasing, & merchandising. He has been working on updating our site by designing and building our backdrop and copper pipe sculptures based on the Idle Hands 3 Tryptic – ArtbyAxel, as seen on the walls of The Jackhammer Complex and LEATHER64TEN, and used for our store window displays, MR.LEATHER64TEN 2017-18 Contest stages, offsite vending, Neverland Party, and photo shoots to update our website look and advertising. He’s working hard on this year’s MR.LEATHER64TEN contest stage design. He has redesigned the contest website over on the store’s main web page and is looking forward to helping out during the contest weekend. He belly danced at our 2017 contest and was a Costume Designer for well-known area belly dancers, burlesque performers, and drag queens for many years around the country. He has also been a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer, known as Marquis “The Belly dancing Bear” performing at Renaissance Faires, restaurants, events, variety & burlesque shows. Last year he resigned his residency at Alhambra Palace Restaurant in downtown Chicago where he performed every weekend of the last 9 years, in order to make time for new adventures in life and career.



Kate is the daughter of Eric Kugelman and Michael Syrjanen, and while she has been helping in the store for big events since 2007, she recently joined the Leather64TEN team full time this past year as the website and social media manager for Leather64TEN. Please reach out to her at [email protected] with any questions or concerns about website or social media content.


Kevin Sparkie Perdue


Sparkie grew up in Vermont in a large family that valued diversity, understanding and community service and continues to hold those values dear and make them a part of his everyday life. From an early age, he was familiar with, and an advocate for the LGBT community and continues to advocate for his community. As an adult, Sparkie is also an advocate for the Leather Community and gives back at every chance he gets.

After leaving Vermont, Sparkie lived in several places from California to New York. He has finally put down roots in Wisconsin with his wife and babygirl, Girl Becky. Each city where he lived gave him a new opportunity to become immersed in the Leather and Bootblack communities and to experience what makes each local community unique.

Sparkie produces the Bootblack Round-Up, a bootblack-centric event focused on skill-building and networking for bootblacks. This Year is the 5th Year Anniversary and will be held in Chicago, IL at The Leather Archives and Museum and Jackhammer Bar.

Sparkie is a member of the Wisconsin Band of Brothers and Mama’s Family. He is an ambassador for the Leather community, having been a Titleholder since 2009 when he was the inaugural Central Plains Leatherboy. In 2015 he became the Illinois Community Bootblack and he is now the Inaugural Wisconsin Leather Pride Person of Leather 2020. In 2008, he was First Runner-Up to International Mr. Bootblack. In 2019, he ran for International Mr. Bootblack again since the contest had been through some major changes and was Second Runner-Up.

Girl Becky Official Contest Bootblack


Girl Becky has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for nearly 20 years. Along her journey, she has identified as a bottom, a slave, a switch, a submissive and a babygirl. She has finally settled down with her Daddy, Sparkie, and is proud to be his devoted wife and babygirl. She is a Bootblack who loves to love on leather and is proud to serve as Wisconsin Leather Pride Bootblack 2020.

Becky is an avid reader who always prefers the book over the movie. Her background in stress management gives her a unique perspective on both leather care and BDSM play and firmly believes that both offer a mental health advantage over vanilla life.

Along with Sparkie, Girl Becky produces the Bootblack Round-Up, an annual Bootblack-centric event.